Top Characteristics of Cat are Listed

Here are the top characteristics are listed

Cats have unique characteristics of their physique, behavior, and even their senses. Though most people will know a domestic cat when they see one, here are some of the major ways that you can determine if an animal is definitively a cat.

  • Retractable claws: The cats of a cat are a rather unique feature of their paw. While they animal is relaxed, the claws remain concealed underneath the fur and skin. Rather than residing on the top of the toe, they are found around the toe pads to prevent them from wearing down as they walk. Typically, five claws are found on each of the front paws, but only four claws are found on the back paws.
  • Live birth: The female cat will give birth to live young, which are called kittens. The kittens are often born in an amniotic sac, which is eaten by the mother. Kittens need to be nourished by their mothers until they are about 8 weeks old.
  • Senses of hearing and smell: Cats can hear a tremendous range of sounds from 500 Hz to 32 kHz (Comparatively, the average person hears from 20 Hz to 15 kHz). The advanced sense of smell comes from the development of their olfactory bulb and mucosa. With a heightened pheromone sensitivity, this sense can impact their social and sexual behavior alike, despite their short snout.
  • Fast reflexes: Perhaps one of the most notable features of the cat is their ability to land on their feet. Even when falling from a height of nearly 10 feet, these animals will instinctively twist their body to land on their paws. The cat righting reflex is the same movement for any time that they fall, and they can correct their positioning in as little as 3 feet off the ground.
  • Social animals: When looking for their prey, the cat tends to seek out their prey on their own (though there is little need for hunting when owners will feed them). However, these animals prefer to surround themselves with other cats, humans, and even other animals, showing great affection. Plus, the mothers will typically be ferociously protective of their young.
  • Carnivorous: A cat’s diet is largely made of meat, requiring at least two grams of protein each day. This amount can vary with the weight and age of the cat. Although cats are carnivorous, many household plants and vegetables can be toxic if ingested.
  • Warm-blooded: Cat are in the mammal family, which means that they have many of the typical traits that are associated with this class. They have fur, they have a live birth, and they feed their young milk from their bodies as babies.

Minimum color vision: Though cats aren’t entirely colorblind, most cat are only able to see blue and yellow with clarity. The ability to see red and green is extremely limited.

Sharp teeth: The ancestors of domestic cats significantly impacted their skull, offering a specialized jaw that includes two long canine teeth. These teeth are much smaller in domestic animals, as they don’t have to cat and kill their prey anymore. As sharp as the teeth are, their molars are hardly used for chewing food.

Impressive night vision: The tapetum lucidum in the eye of the cat allows it to view anything in the dark, only requiring 15%-20% of the light that humans need to see the same. When the cat is taking in the most light, their pupils may expand to their entire exposed surface. As kittens, their eyes don’t even open until they are about a week old, though their vision may take longer to reach better focus.

Digitigrade walking: Cat’s walk on all four legs, using their toes to keep their body balanced. The legs of each side of the body move together, which helps them to remain quiet as they hunt prey and avoid being detected.

Hooked papillae on the tongue: The backwards-facing hooks of the tongue play an important role in a cat’s life, as it is used for self-grooming. Made of keratin (an important protein in hair), the fur will collect in the stomach and cause the cat to spit up their collected hair.

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