No Time to Die - Movie Reviews

  • Movie Name : No Time to Die -2021
  • Genres : Action | Adventure | Thriller
  • Casting : Daniel Craig | Rami Malek | Léa Seydoux
  • IMDb Rating : 7.7/10

First of all, my favorite actor is Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond in a Hollywood film series. This is the last movie of craig in this James Bond series. So it's a pleasure to see the James Bond series in theaters for the first time and to see Daniel Craig in this special character for the last time. All in all, I saw a great excitement today.

In addition to the overall making and music of the movie, Daniel Craig played the role of James Bond. However, the one who impressed me the most about the performance of the movie was Rami Malek as the villain in his role in the movie #Bohemian_Rhapsody. And the funny thing is that there was very little time on his screen in the whole movie, but in this short time he has taken place in the minds of many viewers like me. And this is exactly the identity of a real cast actor. Léa Seydoux's role as a lover of James Bond has proved to be a perfect choice in this role, with her acting, glamor and great smoothness of all the action sequences.

Personal Opinion

The total runtime of the movie was 2 hours 43 minutes so before I saw the movie I had the idea that either the direction of the movie, the screenplay with the execution would be very engaging. Or else it will be a slow and boring movie. So after completing the movie watch, my first rice proved to be correct. The first half of the movie was very engaging and the second half was a bit slow but the climax has been able to fulfill the sixteen arts of my liking through such an extraordinarily emotional ending.

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