Red Notice (2021)- Movie Reviews

  • Movie Name : Red Notice (2021)
  • Genres : Action | Comedy | Thriller
  • Casting : Dwayne Johnson | Ryan Reynolds | Gal Gadot
  • IMDb Rating : 7.2/10

The first time I watched the trailer, I sat down to watch the movie with the same expectation. The movie has been able to fulfill his percentage .. is is the #RedNotice movie.

Nothing to say about the movie story concept ... A very well known plot. However, through the movie's action sequences, cinematography, color grading, on-screen play, and above all, Netflix's Extremely High Production Quality, director Rosen Marshall Thurber has become a great action thriller and full of entertainment in the screen. So, whatever the story of the movie, I myself have thoroughly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end.

As always in the movie, Dwayne Johnson has given a great performance in this type of character. And especially not to mention that Ryan Reynolds' incredible comic timing movie has played a great role in making it a full-fledged entertaining movie. And dear Gall Gadot, stay away from his acting. Seeing his Edge Usual Beautiful Look gives you a strange peace of mind.

Personal Opinion

In Conclusion, Red Notice is undoubtedly full of entertaining & pure masala-oriented cinema.

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