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Turn any USB flash drive to a computer lock and unlock key.

Turn any USB flash drive to a computer lock and unlock key.

To turn any USB flash drive into a computer lock and unlock, please follows few steps below.

Click here to download the raptor from this link. Now open the execution file as a Administrator from clicking the right side of the mouse

Step 1
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  • Automated USB lock and unlock function
  • Lock file contents are encrypted
  • Password to override lock (can be enabled by user)
  • Network command to override lock (can enabled by user)
  • USB drive serial number check (can be enabled by user)
  • Unique key for each system (can be enabled by user)
  • Status report function

USB Raptor can lock the system once a specific USB drive is removed from the computer and unlock when the drive is plugged in again to any USB port. The utility checks constantly the USB drives for the presence of a specific unlock file with encrypted content. If this specific file is found the computer stays unlocked otherwise the computer locks. To release the system lock user must plug the USB with the file in any USB port. Alternative the user can enable (or disable) two additional ways to unlock the system such is network messaging or password.

Coution :

You cannot run a PC without your pen drive since the process is complete. That is, the PC will be locked as soon as the pen drive is opened.

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